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About Metanoia

Metanoia Manor was founded in 2018 by Fr. Jeffery Bayhi and is a faith-based residential facility. This programs offers a place of refuge to female adolescent victims of human trafficking, in which to heal physically and mentally. Metanoia provides biologically born girls aged 11-18 with mental, physical, and spiritual health, instruction in academics, life skills, and job training.

Metanoia does not unlawfully discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or genetic information when making employment decisions or when providing services to its clients.


Father Jeff Bayhi

Founder of Metanoia

St. John's Catholic Church

Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church

Our Mission

To deliver a model program of recovery and rehabilitation for female youth victims of human trafficking.

Board of Directors

Michael Ranatza



Lillian Derouen

Vice Chair

Chad Gremillion

Chris Valluzzo

Christy Reeves

Fabian Blanche

Fr. Jeffery Bayhi

Gail Grover

George Bayhi

Gerald Boudreaux

Kathleen Richey

Laurie Schlegel

Mark Lusco

Mike Cazes

Rev. Leo Cyrus

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